Spa/Sleepover party

This is the ultimate 2 hours slumber/Spa party

This party comes complete with blow up mattresses,pillows and covers for the full slumber feeling ..

The party will include:

Printable slumber party invitations

films to choose from

Unlimited juice

Chocolate fountain with strawberries and marshmallows

Mini facial plus mask & Cucumber

Nails Polish

Toes paints or Hair braiding

They will even be time for a little pillow fight

Access to our prop box filled with goody fit for diva  plus use of our karoke,dance machine is also include

So grab your Pyjama’ s plus your favourite teddy bear and join us for the best party ever !!!!



Suitable for guests aged upwards 9 but a favorite for teens !



Party will last 2 hours & will include pampering & Partying ,The last 10 mins to do a birthday cake , hand out any party bags (if provided) & say your goodbyes

Cost  £295 for up to 10 Guests – Extra £24

evening party slots are available with this party

16.30 – 18.30

17.00 -19.00

later party slots maybe available if the above two have been booked

Party extras – Design your own pillow case £4.50 per guest (Perfect for a guest take home gift)


Want to Book This Party:

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