Please see below some of our frequently asked questions please contact us if you have any further questions

How Do I pay For My Party?

By Paying Cash in the Boutique,Card by phone or By bank transfer (Details Can be Provided once ready to book)

How much is the Deposit ?

The deposit starts from £80 but for some of our parties i.e. Miss VIP (makeover & Limo) or Taste of Fame party we will request a larger amount,as we will need to secure the services of third party vendors

Is My Deposit refundable & Transferable ?

I’m afraid not the deposit is to secure your chosen party slot and if cancelled we would be more than happy to help you secure a new date but you would need to pay another deposit amount

Provisional Booking:

Due to demand for our parties and the limited slots we have.We can not provisionally book people in so the best thing is to wait until your ready to secure your party then call or email us.

When is my balance Due ?

All balances must be paid 14 days before your party,onces paid no amendments i.e. reduce is guest numbers will be possible . If you would like to add extra guests to your party we are more than happy to try and accommodate but we would need to know at least 14 days advance notice to made sure we have enough refreshments etc for them

Is food provided ?

Most of our parties include some form of light refreshment being mocktails and cupcakes or Cocktail fountain with juice & Chocolate fountain with strawberries/marshmallows (please see party description to see which one your party includes)

If you would like to add more food to your party we do offer a Mini food Buffet option Cost £4.95 per person Or if you would like to Bring your own food that’s not a problem.We just charge a small surcharge of £10 to help cover the extra cleaning involved

When do the girls eat?

All food will be placed on a side table at the beginning of the party and the guests will be able to pick and eat as they choose during the party

Can I Bring in a Cake ?

Of Course

Are Gift Bags Provided ?

Gift bags aren’t provided in the cost of the parties but we do have party bags to sell from £2.95 – Please see

Befabulous Party Extras

How many hosts will be working on the day?

Small parties i.e. Glitz N Gloss 4 to 6 guests ( Min 1 to 2 Hosts)

Large Parties i.e. Little Miss Fabulous 7-10 (Min 2 Hosts)

For Parties of 10 guests or More guests (2-3 Hosts)

What time can i arrive at the Boutique before party ?

Due to the turn around/clean up periods between parties,We would like guests to arrive no earlier than 5-10 minutes before their allocated time slot

What if we arrive late for the party ?

I’m Afraid if you arrive late for your party slot,We will only be able to honor the remaining time of your party slot and No longer This is Due to having other clients booked in after.

Are we able to stay pass our time slot?

I’m afraid not,It’s important that the guests arrive in time to enjoy the full Be Fabulous Boutique Party experience,it’s also important the guests parents are aware of the finishing party of the party,As Nobody like to be the last one left at the end of the party

Are the parents allowed to stay at the parties?

Due to the size of the Boutique we can only allow two adults to stay during the party

Limo Parties

Do we Own The Limos?

No,We don’t But the Limo Company is Highly rated within the industry and We have secured a great business relationship between the two companies.

As We don’t own the limo we take no responsible over the vehicles but we are more than happy to give the details of the company once your booking is confirmed .

Where does the limo go?
During the hour you go on a local cruise or if you have the address of a venue you would like be dropped off .Please have the details to hand when booking

Where do they go in the limo?
Before or after the 2 hour party, girls can be picked up from school or another venue to arrive at Be Fabulous Boutique for the pamper party or they can go in the limo after their pamper party has taken place